Mitchell-Nevin Fine Art Represents Francis Hamabe and others

Jennifer Mitchell Watercolors

What interests me are the patterns I observe in my subject, whether it is nature, still life or people. The work can be complex, tightly rendered or loose. While painting, my process is not to replicate, but to capture the atmosphere of what I see. The ultimate joy is watching the flow of watercolors touch at the edges, mixing to absorb other colors. I also like the specificity of a pencil line woven through the color.

People and how they move within the landscape is my focus: constructions workers in New York wearing bright yellows, oranges and greens pop against the grey architecture, or the equestriennes at Beltane Farm, family members, lobstermen, horses swimming or a tender moment between a falconer and his red -tailed hawk. While painting people, I try to represent their essence, rather than their likeness – their presence is the gift that continues to intrigue.

Organic forms, like my wild flower garden as it flourishes, bringing forth colors and textures which change with the seasons, is another gift.